About Kirby Hardware

The Kirby Hardware Co., formerly the Orleans Lumber Co., was organized in January 1953 with Russell and Berniece Fancher holding controlling interest, and Nellie M. Kirby as a limited partner. The store employees were Joe Bradley and Orley Bowman. Later in 1976, Joe Bradley bought the hardware. After his passing, he left the hardware to his daughter Betsi Bradley Sanders and her husband. Robert Finley has been employed at Kirby's since 1969.

Familiar Faces of Kirby Hardware

(all photos courtesy of Tamera Noble)

Robert Finley

Billy Fugate and Don Hackney flipping for cokes.

Don Hackney and Betsi Bradley Sanders on the Liar's Bench.

Left to right: Benny Hodges, Robert Finley, Billy Fugate, Don Hackney, Betsi Bradley Sanders, Don Simmons, Keith Gilmore.

Don Hackney and Benny Hodges.

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